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From: Andrew Hudson <>
Subject: a caveat for spiced hard cider
Date: 1989-12-13 14:04:14 GMT

I tried to brew a batch of spiced hard cider recently and ran
up against a difficulty. I asked my local homebrew supplier
for a recipe and recieved one that looked interesting. The essence
of it was to add a substantial amount of sugar and spices to the cider.
Sharp acidic cider is prefered for brewing. If clear cider
is desired you add some anti-oxydation agents really early
in the game. Then you add spices: sliced ginger, raisins, cinnamon,
cloves, orange peels. The recipe did not suggest sterilizing any of
the ingredients but I boiled the sugar well and threw in the
spices for the last 2 minutes. You then add the spice mixture
to the cider and let sit for a day before pitching with champagne
yeast. Here is where my problem began. I pitched once and got a
few bubbles. I pitched again two days later after no further
activity. I then started the yeast in a cup of sterilyzed corn
sugar solution before pitching. No activity! I can only
surmise that something in the spices has inhibited yeast growth
leaving me with three gallons of sickly sweet spiced cider.
It is possible that boiling the spices which was not in the recipe
was a nono. Any suggestions?

- Andrew Hudson

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