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From: Paul Bigelow <bigelow@hppad>
Subject: Fermenting apple cider?
Date: 1989-12-14 13:55:23 GMT

Chris Shenton writes:
> I have good luck just letting it hang out in the fridge for a couple weeks.
> The natural beasties in the cider I get do the work -- I get it from a

Back in my school days, after a trip to the farmers market, we would
just leave our jugs in the basement with the caps on loosely.
About 1 in 5 would turn to cider vinegar. I imagine adding some
champagne yeast would be a safer bet. The new plastic bottles sound
better. Keeping the cap on would provide better carbonation,
and you wouldn't have to worry about glass shrapnel.

Guy Ruth writes:
> I tried the hard cider after 6 months and wasn't terribly impressed.

Using the low-tech "hang-out" method I always found the cider tasted
best after one or two weeks. It has just a little kick, some carbonation,
and still a lot of natural sugar. After all the natural sugar is fermented
out, you might as well be drinking a good wine instead.

Paul Bigelow

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