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From: eplrx7!slug!ward@uunet.UU.NET (Rick Ward)
Subject: Samuel Adams Brewpub / Wynkoop Brewpub
Date: 1989-12-14 21:47:03 GMT

Two weekends ago, I embarked on a beer weekend. Friday night I went into
Philadelphia and found the newly opened Samuel Adams Brewpub. To be honest,
I was less than impressed. The location is too small, and the beer is
nondistinct. They serve a gold, amber and porter, all of which taste
remarkably similar. The gold was amber and tasted a lot like Samuel Adams
Lager. The amber was a darker shade of amber and tasted much like the
gold with a bit more body. The porter was black(of course) and tasted like
the amber with some toasted barley added. There really wasn't much
variation. Another factor that contributed to my distress was that the
place was literally overflowing with lawyers and other yuppie scum.

The next morning I flew to Denver for the express purpose of trying some
of the beers that I have been reading about on the net. My first stop was
the Coors brewery where I took their tour and sampled their various
offerings. The tour was pretty neat although I kept wondering why the
brewery couldn't turn out a better product considering all the great
equipment they had. The best part of the tour(for me) was the section
where they malted barley. Coors claims that they are the only major
brewery in the US to malt their own barley. One item of note was that
Coors just dropped their Herman Josef "premium beer" line because they
claim that the bottom has fallen out of the premium beer market! If this
is true, a lot of microbreweries could be in trouble.

My next stop was at a liquor store where I bought six packs of Pete's
Wicked Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Telluride and both Aass products.
Thanks for the reccomendations! I especially like Pete's and SNPA.

That night I went to the Wynkoop brewery which has been open for a little
over a year. What a difference one night made! The brewpub is built in
a huge warehouse and offered seven completely distinct brews. The "Brew
Czar" is Russell Schehrer, the winner of the Homebrewer of the Year award
in 1985. My favorite brews were the E.S.B., the Barleywine and the
Chili Beer! The chili beer tasted like a lager with an aftertaste that
was distinctly jalapeno(although not overpowering). The E.S.B. was a
delicious ale and the Barleywine was heaven. BTW, I'm accepting all
recipes for Barleywines :).

On Sunday I went to Old Chicago and sampled the holiday brews from
Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada and the Boulder brewery. All three were great
and nicely spiced. My favorite was the Boulder Christmas Stout.

Sorry about the length, folks. Cheers!


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