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From: Mark Freeman <MFreeman@VERMITHRAX.SCH.Symbolics.COM>
Subject: Re: Rick Meyers, Homebrew Digest #324 (December 15, 1989)
Date: 1989-12-15 16:59:00 GMT

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Date: Thu, 14 Dec 89 8:38:30 MST
From: Rick Myers <hpctdpe!rcm>
Subject: First Batch!
Full-Name: Rick Myers

Hello all - here's my first submission!
Last week I brewed my first batch,

an amber lager using hopped malt
extract (John Bull). I wanted to keep everything simple the first
run so I could get familiar with the entire process. Last night
(Wednesday) I bottled. I bought a 'starter kit' from the local homebrew
shop here in Colorado Springs (Stoppel and Associates). Their recipe
used 1 1/4 cups of priming sugar. I have a book by Byron Burch of
Great Fermentations in Santa Rosa, CA and it states to never use more
than 3/4 cup of priming sugar - comments?

It depends upon the volume of fluid in your batch. For a five
gallon batch, I use about 1/2 cup malt sugar for priming. (have
never tried corn sugar or other) I find that for strong batches
(more than 6 lbs of sugar to begin with) there is usually enough
sugar left over after fermentation to make 1/2 cup sufficient.
In my most recent batch I used only 3 lbs of light malt extract
and no grain adjuncts to make a very light pale ale. I bottled
it about a month ago and it is still only lightly carbonated, so
I wonder if I should have upped the amount of priming sugar to
3/4 cup. Otherwise, 1/2 cup has always been plenty for me.

Also, I live east of town
(out on the prairie) and I have very hard, alkaline, well water. The
water in Colorado Springs is quite soft, so my starter kit came with
'water salts' which is mostly gypsum according to the label. Is anyone
in a similar situation? Should I not use the gypsum if I use my well
water? I used well water this first batch, I think I will use city
water for my planned second batch (a light pilsner).

I have always used bottled Arrowhead drinking water in 2 1/2
gallon bottles. Arrowhead claims their water is spring water
from the Lake Arrowhead source in the local San Bernardino
mountains. I use the 2 1/2 gallon bottles because the water in
one gallon bottles tends to have a plastic taste. I used gypsum
on my first batch (an ale) to get an English "Bass" type beer.
I haven't used it since, and prefer not to.

- --
Rick Myers
Colorado Telecommunications Division
5070 Centennial Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
(719) 531-4416

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