From the HBD Archive
From: rogerl@Think.COM
Subject: Stout Recipe using Extract
Date: 1989-01-13 16:13:08 GMT

Jim asks:
> >Finally, I'm looking for a good stout recipe using malt extract. Any
> >one have a favorite they's like to share?

There is one on page 38 or 39 of the Winter 1988 Zymurgy issue. I am
in the process of brewing this now. It looks real good. The recipe
uses 2 Munton&Fison Stout Kits, 3 added lbs. of dry malt, chocolate
malt, roast barley, and black patent malt as well as added hops
etcetera. All for a 5 gal. batch. I'm psyched. I don't have the
magazine at my finger tips to translate the complete recipe.(and my
dynamic ram hasn't been refreshed in over 300msec) If you don't have
the issue, I'm sure something can be done.

BTW, in that same issue there is a good article about Stouts available
O.T.C.. Good reading.(if you're into stout)


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