From the HBD Archive
From: hplabs!rutgers!!keng (Ken Giles @ Context x453)
Subject: Pete's Wicked Ale
Date: 1989-12-15 17:05:21 GMT

I don't find PWA to be "wicked" at all. What I do find it to be is too sweet. I
know at least one other person who agrees with me on this. Does anybody care to
comment? I'd especially like to hear from anyone who judges beer. Great barley
flavor, but I think it could be better balanced with some more hops.

Also, Pete's lost some credibility with me when I saw that they have another
beer called "Pacific Dry". Anybody try this, yet? One of our local brewpubs,
Portland Brewing Co., has also jumped on this "dry" marketing-hype bandwagon.
Their Oregon Dry appeared at about the same time that their Honey Beer
dissappeared. It was a dry beer, so I wonder...


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