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Subject: cider
Date: 1989-12-15 19:08:37 GMT

In Homebrew Digest #322 Michael Berry <mcb@hpgrbd> writes

>I am seeing lots of apple cider on the store shelves and was wondering if
>it is possible to make some of the "hard" variety from what I see. My
>thought would be to add some pre-started yeast to the gallon jug and
>"let her rip." The brand I had my eyes on had "no sugar added" but seems
>to taste quite sweet.

I have tried this with a gallon jug from Safeway, and it fermented out
fine. I used Red Star champagne yeast, after sanitizing the juice with
sulfer dioxide and adding yeast nutrient. The thing is, well, it's
bland. Not at all like the great stuff from Normandy one can buy in
France for $2 a liter. I think the problem is that one needs a mix of
tart and sweet apples. Jug apple juice here is primarily from just
sweet apples. I had found some juice with a great tart flavor , but
it would not take a fermentation. There must have been some anti-
oxidant or preservative which supressed the yeast.

Since I can't get tart juice, I may experiment by making the same
cider but adding some crushed raspberries or blackberries. It will
probably look like sin (purple beer?), but I think the berry/apple
combination would be nice. Has anyone else tried this?

Chris Wilson

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