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From: chuck%bose@uunet.UU.NET (Chuck Cox)
Subject: Boston Beer Society Xmas Beer Ranking
Date: 1989-12-15 21:33:49 GMT

Results of the 3rd annual Boston Beer Society Xmas Beer Tasting...

For the last three years we have held a blind xmas beer tasting
to determine what the best vintages are currently, and what will be
good in the future.

We actually performed three separate tastings; old Anchor Xmas ales,
new (spiced) Anchor Xmas ales, and Sierra Nevada Celebration ales.

The beers in order of preference (from best to worst):

Old Anchor Xmas Ales:
(we added a ringer - a bottle of '81 Ballantine IPA, because we felt
that the old IPA was similar to the old Anchor Xmas Ale and wanted
to see how it would fare in a blind comparison)

81 IPA
81 Anchor
82 & 84 Anchor (tie)
85 & 86 Anchor (tie)
83 Anchor

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ales:


New Anchor Xmas Ales:
(None of us like the wassail ales as much as the older xmas ales,
so we separated them)



The Anchor wassail & Sierra Nevada Celebration Ales are best
consumed fresh, and do not improve with age.

Generally speaking, the older Anchor Xmas Ales continue to improve
with age. The '83 sample came from a suspect source, so that may account
for it's ranking. The old Ballantine IPA is definitely comparable
to the old Anchor ales.

The Boston Beer Society is a small group of beer judges who travel
extensively and share their beer cellars on an infrequent and informal
basis. If you would like to be a guest at one of our meetings
and have some interesting or unusual beer to share, let me know.

- Chuck Cox - america's fastest beer judge -

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