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Subject: New spring malting barley
Date: 1989-12-16 16:25:05 GMT

Hope this isn't totally inappropriate for this list. From the Capital Press,
December 15, 1989, without permission (an agricultural newspaper for the

New spring malting barley just released
ABERDEEN, Idaha--A new, two-rowed spring malting barley with higher yields,
plumper kernels and better lodging resistance than the popular variety
Klages has been released by the USDA Agricultural Research Service and
the Idaho and Oregon Agricultural Experiment Stations.

Approved for malting and brewing by the American Malting Barley Association,
the variety Crystal was developed by the ARS in cooperation with the
University of Idaho College of Agriculture at Aberdeen.

ARS research agronomist Darrell Wesenberg said Crystal is a "potential
replacement or complementary variety to Klages."

Tim McGreevy, administrator of the Idaho Barley Commission, said Klages is
grown on about 14 percent of Idaho's 850,000 barley acres, and predicted that
Crystal "will be right up there with it."
[stuff omitted]
McGreevey said 30 to 40 percent of Idaho barley is used by the malting

Randy Nieworth, barley field representative for Great Western Malting Co.
in Blackfoot said that "at this point, we're still waiting to see how the
brewers react to the variety.

"We're very happy with it in the malthouse and it did get approved, but we
haven't gotten a really clear reading from the brewers as to what kind of
percentage they want us to include in the blend."
[stuff omitted]
At the American Malting Barley Association in Milwaukee, executive vice
president Michael Davis said Crystal is "very promising agronomically" and
"makes good malt and good beer."
[stuff omitted]
In six years of testing under irrigation in Idaho, Crystal's yields averaged
5 percent greater than Klages. While the two varieties were similar in
height and heading date, Crystal was superior to Klages in test weight and
lodging resistance and 6 percentage points higher in kernel plumpness.

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