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From: "Lance "I Don't Exist" Smith" <>
Subject: Kettles and dangerous carboys
Date: 1989-12-19 00:30:20 GMT

A few comments on two "recent" topics.

Brew Kettles: I presently use the standard enamel-steel canning kettle, but
have been looking to move up to stainless. A store in the local mall (one
of the dales for you Prairie Home Companion fans) has 5-gal stainless
kettles on sale for about $35. It's fairly lightweight stainless, but
it follows the standard cylinder with flat top design. I think the
store is called "Letchers" or some such thing in case they're a chain.
So is that a good deal?

Dangerous Carboys: Earlier this year I made an Imperial stout based on
Charlie P's Armenian Stout recipe (Spring 87 I think). The recipe is
based around 6.6 lbs M&F Old Ale and 3.3lb Pale Extract. So I pitched
the yeast before going to bed. Not much was happening when I left for
school the next day. Ah, but when I came home I was greeted by the snorts
of a bubble-lock spitting foam. I cleaned up another stopper and made
up a quick blow-off tube arrangement. Then not thinking I pulled out
the previous stopper. Whoooooosh. Brown stuff every where. Good thing I was
wearing my safety glasses. Do you know what a fast moving hop could have done
to my eyesight? So be careful, when you're releasing any pressure in a carboy.

Cheers and all that,

Lance Smith (

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