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From: olson@antares.cs.Virginia.EDU
Subject: Steel kettles
Date: 1989-12-19 16:14:29 GMT

Lance "He Doesn't Exist" Smith writes:

>have been looking to move up to stainless. A store in the local mall (one
>of the dales for you Prairie Home Companion fans) has 5-gal stainless
>kettles on sale for about $35. It's fairly lightweight stainless, but
>it follows the standard cylinder with flat top design. I think the
>store is called "Letchers" or some such thing in case they're a chain.
>So is that a good deal?

That's LechMERE, boy, LechMERE. You wanna get yersef sued? :-)

I use a 4-gal that I bought there(*) two years ago -- seems to me I paid
a lot less, like $16 or $20. Works just fine for my 2-gallon extract
boils. The quality is fine, though it is light as you say and does show
hot spots -- extract poured in with the fire on high sometimes scorches a
bit. Cleans up nicely though. As these mass market chains go, L. seems
to be pretty good. Now if only they'd stock a 28-quart version...

As to price, $35 seems high, though as I remember the price did rise very
fast with increasing size. But it *was* a while ago that I bought.

- --Tom Olson

(*) There being the store in Rochester, NY.

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