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From: att!iwtio!korz@hplabs.HP.COM
Subject: bottling time
Date: 1989-12-20 17:08:19 GMT

>If one bottles too soon, one gets glass grenades. What happens if one
>bottles too late?
>- Ted

The only risk of bottling too late is yeast autolysis (the cell walls of
the dead yeast begin to break down). Your beer will always have dead and
dormant yeast in it, but the idea is to reduce the amount of dead yeast.
I use two stage fermentation because I never know when I will get around
to bottling. I keep the (green) ALE in the primary till the kraeusen
falls + 1 day (~3-4 days), then in the secondary till the beer clears
(no longer looks like chocolate milk) or until I'm good and ready (whichever
comes last) (~1 - 2 weeks), and then in bottles for 10 days to two weeks
before taste-testing. Please note this is for ALES - lagers would require
refridgeration, which I am mot set up to do at this time so I don't have a
method yet.

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