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From: (Dan Hall 21-Dec-1989 1545)
Subject: re: need substitue for nonexistant malt
Date: 1989-12-21 20:46:33 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #327, Robert Nielsen asks:

>Date: Mon, 18 Dec 89 14:59 PST
>From: JEEPSRUS <>
>Subject: need substitue for nonexistant malt

>My first problem is that he used Pabst Blue Ribbon malt. It is my
>understanding that that malt has not been available for the last
>ten years or so. Is this true? If Pabst is not available, does
>anyone know of a malt which is similar? I realize it is difficult

According to my brewing supplier (Nancy Callahan at Jasper's Home Brew Supply,
Litchfield, NH), Blue Ribbon Malt is now known as Premier Malt. She says that
it is sold mostly to old men these days. She doesn't seem to care for its
flavor. She gets $6.60/2.2 lb can for it, but I've seen it in large
supermarkets for as low as $4.55. It is usually located among the molasses
and baking supplies.


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