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From: etnibsd!vsh@uunet.UU.NET (Steve Harris)
Subject: Kettles and store names (re: Digest #327)
Date: 1989-12-21 16:03:31 GMT

olson@antares.cs.Virginia.EDU writes:
>Lance "He Doesn't Exist" Smith writes:
>>have been looking to move up to stainless. A store in the local mall (one
>>of the dales for you Prairie Home Companion fans) has 5-gal stainless
>>kettles on sale for about $35. It's fairly lightweight stainless, but
>>it follows the standard cylinder with flat top design. I think the
>>store is called "Letchers" or some such thing in case they're a chain.
>>So is that a good deal?
>That's LechMERE, boy, LechMERE. You wanna get yersef sued? :-)

Sorry, Letchers (sp?), probably is correct. Here in the Boston area,
there are two chains:

Lechmere (pronounced LEECH-meer), normally a mall "anchor",
carries major appliances, TVs, stereos, kitchen stuff, etc.; I
doubt you could find a 5-gallon stainless kettle for $35 at

Letchers(sp?), a small, kitchen gadgets store often found in
2nd tier malls (with Sears, e.g., as anchor), with lots of
Fairgrove (i.e., cheap) gadgets.

If you shop carefully, you can get decent stuff at Letchers, but much
of it is trash (IMHO). Lechmere is a high-quality operation, but with
competitive prices.

I bought a Revere-ware 3.5 gallon stockpot for ~$50 (as I recall), on
sale at Lechmere 6 months ago. You probably can do as well with all
the Xmas sales (and post-Xmas sales). As for the "lightweight"
5-gallon stainless at Letchers, well, "you pays your money, you takes
your chances!"

Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew digest!

Steve Harris - Eaton Corp. - Beverly, MA - uunet!etnibsd!vsh

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