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From: bagend!slammer!
Subject: unknown
Date: 1989-12-22 19:38:12 GMT

Subject: Need help with strong sour/bitter aftertaste

I've brewed four batches so far. Batch #3 is a honey lager and still
fermenting. Batch 1 was the John Bull English Ale kit (unfortunately with
#2 of corn sugar, I know better now.) Batch #2 was Papazian's Cushlomachree
Stout. Batch #3 was Papazian's Rocky Raccoon Crystal Honey Lager (with Paul
Arauner KG Bavarian Lager Yeast.) Batch #4 was Colonel John's "County Laois
Pale Ale" (Zymurgy Vol 12 #5 page 54) with an extra #1/2 of toasted malted
barley for flavor. I used the yeast with the Montmellick kit. The John Bull
Ale, the stout, and the Pale (just now) have all been bottled. The problem I
have has so far manifested itself in the two Ales (haven't tried the stout
yet.) The beer tastes great as long as it is in your mouth, but after
swollowing it quickly develops a strong sour/bitter aftertaste that lingers
quite a while. The question I have is: Is this just a sign that it needs to
age? It's only been a week since I bottled the John Bull kit and the Pale was
just bottled an hour ago. I would like to think this will go away in a few
weeks (couldn't wait to try it!) Has anybody out there any advice or similar
experiences ? I have no idea if this is a "yeast bite", an ester, a wild
yeast, or what. All I know is it's awful (but less noticable if it's cold.)
Please make me feel better and tell me it's common and will go away in a few
Brad Isley
{ world }!gatech!bagend!slammer!brad

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