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From: ingr!b11!wiley!
Subject: Blowoff (glass vs. plastic)
Date: 1989-12-23 03:06:21 GMT

Chris Shenton <> writes:
> I'm using plastic for primary (~3 days), glass for secondary. I'm a bit
> leery of going all-glass, as a couple of my super-heavy (OG > 1.060)
> batches have blown the lid off my primary; it's a tight fit getting the lid
> on, so pressure must be intense. I now hook up a blow-off tube -- rather
> than a fermentation lock -- for the primary, and I've *still* gotten
> blow-up. The beers have (fortunately) ended up tasting fine, so I don't
> think it's wild yeast partying-down...
> With this kind of pressure, I'd worry about glass shrapnel from a carboy
> primary. Any thoughts? Ideas why heavy brews blow up? Thanks.

Some other members of the club and I have switched to 1.5 inch diameter
blow off tube. It's just the perfect size to fit into the neck of a
carboy plus you can clean it with a bottle brush. I have had great
success using it thus far even with copious quantities of blow off.
Further, I've never even heard of anyone getting one clogged. The
tubing is available from:
Alternative Beverage
627-A Minuet Lane
Charlotte, NC 28217
1-800-365-2739 (except NC)

As for glass vs. plastic, I've had many fewer infection problems
after switching to all glass. I know that plastic primaries are
convenient, but wild things have the best chance at your brew before
your carefully selected bugs have had a chance to start. Thus, it
would seem that glass primaries are more important than glass secondaries.

dave wiley

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