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From: Rob McDonald <hplabs!rutgers!!rob>
Subject: Too Much Foam
Date: 1989-12-24 21:01:58 GMT

I recently made a batch of "Kwoffit Export Homebrew Bitters"
which was by far the best homebrew I have tried yet. Even though
it is not a heavy brew, I was interested in trying to make some-
thing similar, but lighter tasting, as many of my friends prefer
very light beers. I decided to experiment. I made up the same
kit, with more water, six gallons instead of five. I used enough
extra corn sugar to bring the SG up to 1.040, (this was the ori-
ginal SG when going by the real directions). It took a little
bit longer than the first batch to ferment. It is now about five
weeks old. Having nothing else on hand I decided to give it a
try. I transfered it from the carboy to a keg and put it under
pressure to carbonate about five days ago @ 35 psi. The last
batch was done in a similar manner. When I tapped off a glass of
the last batch, I had to tap very slowly to avoid getting a glass
of foam. This batch seems to be impossible to tap. All I get is
foam. Can anybody suggest where I might have gone wrong? Any
suggestions would be appreciated.
P.S. The little bit I managed to get suggests that it will taste
at least a bit like I intended, but it's young yet.

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