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From: shoeless joe <DTG@UMD2.UMD.EDU>
Subject: CO2 keg system
Date: 1989-12-28 16:09:50 GMT

I've been interested in implementing a CO2 keg system, rather than
going through the tediusness of bottling. I'm soliciting advice from
ANYBODY out there who has experience with these things. I'm particular-
ly interested in the following:
1. How difficult is it for a complete incompetant (like myself--
who isn't worrying, by the way...) to implement one of these

2. How EXPENSIVE is it to implement one of these systems, and what
should I expect to pay for each component of the system?

3. Are there any tricks or suggestions that I should be aware of?
For example, is it practical--financially or in terms of
keeping my beer drinkable--to buy extra containers (cannisters?)
and then switch the tap to whatever beer I feel like drinking
that evening?

Also, while I have everybody's attention--and I know that this has been
discussed previously in the Digest--I'm interested in growing hops in my back
yard. Any ideas as to where to get hop plants? When should they be
harvested? How does one go about processing the flowers such that they
can be added to the wort? Do all varieties grow equally well in all
climates? And, again, how much to they cost? Finally, how many plants
would be sufficient to supply the flowers needed for somebody like
myself, who brews 15-20 batches a year?

Thanks in advance for everybody who responds!

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