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From: (a.e.mossberg)
Subject: garlic recipes
Date: 1989-12-28 19:13:50 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #327, chris sinanian asks:
>Subject: garlic recipes

i would like to know if anybody out there has any recipes
that include garlic. i have looked in the papazian book
but he only mentions garlic, that i could see.

1 can Pilsner Lager malt extract
4 heads of garlic, cleaned and crushed
6 cups dextrose

1. Bring to a boil 2 gallons of water
2. add dextrose
3. stir in malt extract
4. add garlic
5. boil 16 minutes or so
6. remove from heat
7. Now make a decision: super-garlic beer or regular garlic beer.
8. For regular garlic beer, strain out garlic.
9. add wort to fermenter and fill with water to five gallons
10. when temperature is appropriate, add yeast
11. if making super-garlic beer, rack into secondary fermenter
straining out the garlic.


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