From the HBD Archive
From: Dave Hollenbeck <dbh@hpesdbh>
Subject: Not about sugar
Date: 1989-01-16 16:57:48 GMT

Not that the sugar stories aren't interesting, but how about some
discussion about mashing?

I've seen it said that the specialty grains (dark and crystal) don't need
to be added during mashing - they can wait until the boil. I've also
seen it said that the dark grains contribute to a proper pH level during
the mash. Does anyone have any facts to share on this subject?

My habit has been to always include all the grains during the mash,
partly because I figured it was better for the wort, and partly because I
don't want to waste volume in my boiling kettle for grain.

I'd also be interested in hearing about time/temperature profiles that
people think are good or bad.

Happy brewing,
Dave ("Relax? I can't get any more relaxed!") Hollenbeck

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