From the HBD Archive
From: rdg@hpfcmi
Subject: Fish bladders, seaweed, etc
Date: 1989-01-16 18:52:41 GMT

There have been several mentions of finings (gelatin, etc) lately,
so I thought I'd add my highly opinionated opinions.

The process called fining is a good one to experiment with, but I
think you'll find that you can make very clear beers without it. You
should also know that gelatin is made from ground-up dead animals, so
your vegetarian friends might not want to drink your beer ;-) Other
fining agents include egg white, fish bladder extract, dirt, and
mashed up seaweed. I wonder who first got the idea that these things
would improve their beer! In all seriousness though, I would consider
any fining agent to violate the "all-malt" creed, and its use is only
to correct faults, and not to be put into your all-malt homebrew. How would you
feel about adding some chemicals to your beer to improve head
retention? Well, there are heading compounds you can buy and add to
your beer, but I would classify them with fining agents, since they
are not needed in an all-malt brew, only in worts with high sigar
contents or other additives.


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