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From: polstra!jdp@hplabs.HP.COM (John Polstra)
Subject: Re: Stinky Wyeast Bavarian Lager Yeast
Date: 1989-12-31 22:31:02 GMT

In HBD #334, Steve Conklin <uunet!ingr!b11!conk!steve> replied to my
earlier posting about a yeast starter infection that I experienced using
Wyeast #2206:
> My experience using this yeast at warmer temperatures is that it always
> stinks while fermenting, but that the beer does not retain any of the
> sulfer aroma. This is pretty typical for a number of strains of lager
> yeast, and the mechanisms are documented in brewing literature . . .

Steve, thanks for the reply. This was definitely an infection, though.
I had used #2206 several times before, and the oder this time was
entirely different. It was *bad*. I didn't even want the stuff in my

- John Polstra jdp@polstra.UUCP
Polstra & Co., Inc. ...{uunet,sun}!practic!polstra!jdp
Seattle, WA (206) 932-6482

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