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From: polstra!norm@hplabs.HP.COM (Norm Hardy)
Subject: Sparging and Chilling
Date: 1989-12-30 23:00:40 GMT

Jim Kipps asks about a continual cloudy sparge.
I assume you have a standard sparging system with a small false bottom below
the screen (or nylon sparge bag or drilled bucket). You may find that you have
to recirculate up to 4 gallons of sparge. Check the speed of the sparge: the
best speed seems to be at least 8-12 minutes per gallon. It may seem slow, but
the yields are higher. You might drain a little wort at each gallon re-
circulated to check the clarity in a wine or brandy curved glass.

Todd Enders asks about a chilling system.
The counter-flow chillers have the highest efficiency I'm sure, until you
have to clean them. With great success I use an immersion chiller of copper
that my dad fabricated from 3/8 inch tubing. About 30 feet did the trick.
A couple of clamps tie the hoses on: one to the faucet with garden hose
coupling, the other to drain into the sick (or when drought time hits into a
bucket to then put into the wash machine for the next load). NOT sick, sink!
I'll get this editor down sometime. The immersion cooler works great and is
easy to clean and sanitize.

Norm in Seattle

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