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From: "2645 RUTH, GUY R." <>
Subject: re: Too much foam
Date: 1990-01-03 14:44:00 GMT

Rob McDonald writes:

> I transfered it from the carboy to a keg and put it under pressure to
> carbonate about five days ago @ 35 psi. The last batch was done in a
> similar manner. When I tapped off a glass of the last batch, I had to tap
> very slowly to avoid getting a glass of foam. This batch seems to be
> impossible to tap. All I get is foam. Can anybody suggest where I might
> have gone wrong?

A member of the club I belong to stumbled across a neat trick to quickly car-
bonate a Cornelius keg (i.e. in about 10 minutes). Chill your keg of beer
to just above freezing. Apply ~10# of gas to the LIQUID side of the keg.
Gently rock the keg and as soon as you cannot hear any more bubbles the keg
is carbonated. Then drop the pressure down to 5#.

This process works great if you do not care about cloudy beer and have to
quickly prepare a keg for friends that drop by unexpectedly.

I perform this procedure as a general rule. This is also a good way to
"scrub" your beer of those nasty sulfury yeast esters that may appear
depending on the type of yeast used.

>> Guy <<

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