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From: Marc Davidson <hplsdrf!>
Subject: Samichlaus Bier and wheat conversion
Date: 1990-01-03 16:39:10 GMT

I received as a Christmas present this year, a six pack of a
really interesting beer that I know nothing about - it's called
Samichlaus Bier. Apparently it's brewed once a year on December
6th and then aged for 11 months before being bottled. It's
really interesting stuff but extremely potent - it's also very
clear. The bottles say nothing more than the name, when it was
bottled, and a warning to pregnant people. The bottle cap does
say "Hurlimann FLORIDA swiss lager" but it sure tastes more like
a barley wine to me. Anyone know anything about this stuff?
The bottle actually says one more thing, "Guiness Book of Records".
Not having a book of records, I have no idea why it's in there.

Also, I have a question on converting wheat. I tried it once with
the Edme DMS without 100% success. I did a step mash with a conversion
at 155F for 2 hours before giving up - the iodine continued to indicate
starch. Now I did put the extract in from the start and maybe that
was the mistake. Anyway I want to go all grain next time but I
haven't seen any good tables or rules of thumb as to how much
barley it takes to convert a given amount of wheat. I was planning
on using a fair amount of 6-row to do the conversion but I was up
in Denver this past weekend talking with Jerry at the Wynkoop brewery
and he explained that their wheat beer is 43% wheat and they use only a
2-row and have no problem achieving complete conversion. Has anyone
done much testing with this or seen any good tables?

Anybody ever try Koji? Where do you get it?

Marc Davidson!davidson

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