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From: Brian Glendenning <>
Subject: I have to worry! I can't relax!
Date: 1990-01-03 20:20:32 GMT

Yes that's right, I can't relax and have a homebrew because something
has happened to my very first batch!

A friend and I made a pure extract batch following the instructions
given by the local brewstore. However, after 2.5 days (when I left
home this morning) no strong fermentation has started. There iss a
light layer of foam on top.

I think the relevant details are:

1. dry yeast
2. started in 1.5 cups of sterile wort
3. pitched into well aerated wort @78 F an hour or two later.

I think the yeast was alive going in (a little foam on top). My only
theory is that the wort had too much oxygen in it (the instructions
recommended pouring wort into the fermentor from about 2 feet above
the bucket which would be about 4-5 feet off the floor which seems
excessive?) so the critters are still reprodicing and not fermenting.

So, my questions are:

1. is this batch dead? time to chuck it and try again?
2. how long should it take fermentation to start?
3. how should I initially get oxygen into the wort?

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Brian Glendenning - Radio astronomy, University of Toronto uunet!utai!radio!brian glendenn@utorphys.bitnet

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