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From: (Wayne Allen)
Subject: kegging and time
Date: 1990-01-04 16:26:16 GMT

RobertN ( writes:

> I was wondering how long kegged beer will stay fresh?

I have a plastic ball keg (brand forgotten) which I have used for
several years. I have had beer stay fresh (or at least great tasting)
for over 3 months (which is about as long as my self-control allows).
My keg allows the replinishment of co2 pressure via a co2 capsule
mount. I know of no reasons (yet) why beer should deteriorate in kegs
faster than in bottles, as long as you keep the pressure up. Anyone
have different (same) experience?

I always bottle several six-packs of each batch I keg. The difference
between the bottle and keg versions is alway noticable and
interesting. I find the kegged versions to be slightly creamier and
smoother, and their tastes evolve differently over time.

W | Wayne Allen,
| MCC/CAD, 3500 West Balcones Center Dr., Austin, Tx 78759

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