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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: Hop growing (was Kegging System)
Date: 1990-01-04 19:19:06 GMT

"2645 RUTH, GUY R." writes:
> I'm interested in growing hops in my back
> yard. Any ideas as to where to get hop plants? When should they be
> harvested? How does one go about processing the flowers such that they
> can be added to the wort? Do all varieties grow equally well in all
> climates? And, again, how much to they cost? Finally, how many plants
> would be sufficient to supply the flowers needed for somebody like
> myself, who brews 15-20 batches a year?

I'm compiling a mailorder comparison, and one place I've noticed sold hop
rhizomes is Great Fermentations of Marin; they also have a book on growing
them. I think the rhizomes are only available from Feb to March or something.

I'm not even sure what `rhizomes' are, but assume they're like the
roots. I've read that you don't grow from seeds 'cause you only want female
(flower-bearing) plants, and males would only destroy the bittering power
of the plants during pollination.

If anyone else has experience, could you fill us in?

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