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From: Chris Shenton <>
Subject: CO2 keg system
Date: 1990-01-04 19:41:23 GMT

a.e.mossberg writes:
> Kegs are basically free, if you go with the soda keg system. Figure
> about $70 or so for the CO2 tank and regulator. I recommend a double
> regulator (pressure gauges for both CO2 tank and keg). Maybe another
> $30 or so for hoses, faucet, connectors. Your prices may vary, but
> figure around $100 all told to get set up.

How are kegs free? Hell, for $100 everyone would do it. Best prices I seem
to see indicate about $250 for a single keg setup. Can you point to

> BTW, I want to stress using soda kegs, and not attempting to use beer
> kegs. And use Coca Cola type kegs, as parts are much easier to come by.
> If you can get Pepsi kegs easier, go ahead, but don't mix. You may want
> to consider converting the soda kegs specifically for homebrew. This
> consists of removing the tube to the bottom and replacing it with a
> float system. The advantage is that beer is always taken from just below
> the top, resulting in less potential sediment. If you don't, you'll have
> to dump (or grin and chew) the first couple mugs worth.

Where do you get the conversion parts?

Thanks for the info. It's sounding more attractive already. Especially if
the kegs can be obtained at minimal cost.

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