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Subject: Hops source
Date: 1990-01-04 21:08:21 GMT

In #335, shoeless joe asks:

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|Also, while I have everybody's attention--and I know that this has been
|discussed previously in the Digest--I'm interested in growing hops in my back
|yard. Any ideas as to where to get hop plants? When should they be
|harvested? How does one go about processing the flowers such that they
|can be added to the wort? Do all varieties grow equally well in all
|climates? And, again, how much to they cost? Finally, how many plants
|would be sufficient to supply the flowers needed for somebody like
|myself, who brews 15-20 batches a year?

I have no experience growing hops myself. Here in Oregon, they are grown on
wire trellises supported by telephone pole sized posts! (I guess they are
heavy.) The trellises look to be 15 feet or so tall.

A source of hop root cuttings is:
Nichols Garden Nursery
1190 N. Pacific Hwy.
Albany, OR 97321
(503) 928-9280 fax (503) 967-8406
They list three varieties of 'humulus lupulus' (hops)
Tettnanger (lager style)
Willamette (English ale style)
They are $3.45 per cutting or 4 for $12.95. I have no experience with their
cuttings, but their garden vegetable seeds are of high quality and I have been
well-satisfied with the company. (I have no connection with them other than
as a satisfied customer.)

BTW, my wife says she may try growing some hops this year to make aromatic
wreaths. (I don't brew beer myself at the present time.) :-(

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