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From: Mike Fertsch <hplabs!uiucdcs!meccad.RAY.COM!FERTSCH>
Subject: English Beer Bottles
Date: 1989-01-17 13:49:00 GMT

Andy Newman <NEWMAN@Venus.YCC.Yale.Edu> observes:

> ... I just finished
> bottling a batch last night (that's not the warning). I
> used two cases of empty Sam Smith bottles because they
> seemed rugged and looked attractive. I notice, however,
> one minor flaw with these bottles. The mechanical hand
> capper I have doesn't fit the neck of the bottle correctly.

I've had problems with other British beer bottles. I like the look and shape
of Youngs bottles. They're short, with very broad shoulders, but have a
smaller crown than American and Continental bottles. I believe all British
bottles have a smaller crown.

I use a double-lever capper. On most American bottles, I need to push the
handles down approximately 2/3 to seal the cap. On bottles from the UK,
I need to push the handles all the way down, and I still don't think I am
getting a good seal. (I haven't noticed lack of carbonation in these bottles,
so I guess I worry too much.)

The moral of the story is that all crown bottles are not the same; expect
variations from style to style. All bottles can be chipped by cappers if
you are not careful.

Mike Fertsch

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