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From: pms@Sun.COM (Patrick Stirling)
Subject: British beer foam and kegging
Date: 1990-01-05 17:03:42 GMT

Having just returned from a vacation in England, I can report on the
foaminess of the beer there. Basically, "real" beer in England isn't
pressurized at all. It's kegged in wooden or aluminium barrels and
delivered to the pub. It's then served either by a hand vacuum pump or
gravity feed through a tap in the keg. The only foam is that caused by
the splashing at the beer flows into the glass, and has usually
subsided by the time you get the glass to your mouth. Note that of
course this implies that the beer is (almost) still (i.e. not
carbonated). Naturally there are many beers (and all lagers and
Guinness) that are served using the familiar CO2 pumps; however you can
always tell the real stuff by the large vacuum pump handle and the
groans of the barperson as they pump your glassful!

On to kegging. There's a pharmacy chain in Britain by the name of
"Boots", that sells a large range to homebrew supplies. While in one
last week, I saw a 5gal plastic pressure barrel (for 16 UK pounds),
which can be pressurized by sparklets CO2 capsules or by SodaStream CO2
cartridges. The full setup would be around 30 pounds I think, or about
$50. Has anyone seen anything like this here? Does SodaStream exists in
the USA? Alternatively, does anyone know of a supplier of RotoKegs
here? Actually the real difficulty is finding the CO2 cartridges -
any ideas?


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