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From: Martin A. Lodahl <pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM>
Subject: Sparge Clarity
Date: 1990-01-05 16:34:50 GMT

[ Here's the text that was supposed to go in the empty posting I
sent to HBD 336. Sorry! --MAL ]

In HOMEBREW Digest #335, Douglas J Roberts observed:
"I don't recycle sparge water. My experience has been that the hot
break removes all protiens quite nicely. My mashed beers all clarify
beautifully with just a straight sparge."

I never thought of that angle. My assumption has always been that
it's the draff, the small grain fragments, that are filtered out by
recycling the sparge until a filter bed is established. This cloudy
stuff is mostly husk, and I would imagine that if too much of it
makes it into the boil, it could impart some astringency.

I've also noticed that shortly before the sparge begins to run
clear, the flow rate (usually) slows considerably, which I've taken
as an indication of more complete extraction through a "tighter"
grain bed, increasing the grain/water contact. Hooey, perhaps?

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