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From: Brad Carlile ext 2699 <hplabs!fpssun!!bradc>
Subject: Water Used in Brewing
Date: 1990-01-05 18:22:41 GMT

Hello, I am interested in finding out the mineral content of water at
the various brewing "Capitals" of the world. So far my sources include:

1) "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing" C. Papazian
2) "Brewing Lager Beer" G. Noonan
3) "Malting and Brewing Science" J. Hough et. al.
4) Zymurgy - All grain Issue 1985
5) Zymurgy - Winter 1989
6) David Line's Book (name escapes me now)

So I was wondering if anyone had any additional info on water content.
For instance, access to a good Tech Library (not necessarily brewtech stuff)
with books that lists the water content of various cities water.
I am looking for the following info:

1) source of info - (if there are several sources send info on all)
2) year of water test
3) Perm Hardness
4) Temp Hardness
5) CO3- Hardness
6) Total Solids
7) Ca++
8) Mg+
9) Na+
10) K+
11) HCO3-
12) SO4-
13) Cl-
14) NO3-

Alternatively, I am also interested in the observed contest of finished
beer (mineral content changes dramatically throughout the brewing process).
Another interesting bit of infor would be starting water and amounts of
additives in recipes.

Please EMAIL me any findings, I'll post a summary if there is interest.

Brad Carlile

P.S. If you interested in your own water, call your local water board,
its most likely free.

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