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From: Martin A. Lodahl <pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM>
Subject: Wort Chillers in the Summer
Date: 1990-01-05 16:47:21 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #336, Chris Shenton asks a question dear to my
own heart:

"OK, so I think I'm convinced to build a Wort Chiller -- immersion cuz I'm
paranoid about cleanliness. But how well can it work during the summer when
my tap water is a good 80 degrees F?"

I don't have quite this problem, but I do have an "iffy" well, and
seeing all that water go down the drain is more than I can stand. A
possible answer to both problems: an icewater bath, recirculated
through the chiller. That implies a pump, and therefore a possible
problem. Every winemaking supplies shop has pumps, but they're
expensive! Has anyone found a good, cheap, preferably
self-contained electric pump? The possibilities I've considered
include the scavenge pump from a washing machine and the water pump
from an evaporative cooler, but these usually require a separate
motor & belt, which I'd like to avoid. Suggestions?

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