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From: (a.e.mossberg)
Subject: kegging and time
Date: 1990-01-05 21:51:05 GMT

In HOMEBREW Digest #335 RobertN. asks:

>As the subject of kegging has been floating around the net lately,
>I was wondering how long kegged beer will stay fresh?

As long as bottled homebrew.

>Now say I were to get a c02 kegging system. If I tapped a keg and had
>a few beers tonite, how long would I have to use up the rest of the beer?

Months at least.

>If I don't drink any more for a week, how will it taste? How about a few
>weeks? Will the c02 affect the flavor, or the aroma of the beer?

It will continue to age in the keg, as it would in the bottle, but at
a slightly slower rate. (Like wine in splits as opposed to magnums).

CO2 is what the little yeasties are producing (CO2 out one end, and
alcohol out the other -- don't ask me which end produces what!).

>What about sediment? If my bottles have sediment in them, won't the
>keg have some too? How do you keep this from being kicked up?

Yes, there will be sediment. That's the purpose of converting the kegs
with the float system. That way the beer is picked up from slightly
below the top of the beer, rather than from the bottom as with an
unconverted soda keg.


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