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From: polstra!norm@hplabs.HP.COM (Norm Hardy)
Subject: Wort Chillers
Date: 1990-01-07 02:44:27 GMT

The question was: "How do I use an immersion chiller in the summer when the
tap water is 80f?" Here is an idea:

Construct 2 immersion chillers with copper tubing. Have the water flow through
the first as it sits in a water bath filled with ice water. Then the water
moves on to your wort where the second chiller sits. Keep an eye on the ice
water and add more ice as needed to keep it very cold.

Hey, it's extra expense to have two chillers, but it will work for you, and if
you do it yourself you'll save bucks over buying a counterflow chiller.

Norm, in Seattle

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