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From: Mike Fertsch <>
Subject: RE: Grocery Store Grains
Date: 1990-01-08 14:03:00 GMT

GOPINATHRTAR@CHE.UTAH.EDU asks about Buying grain from local grocers -

> The question I have is that is can we buy grain from local groceries
>instead from the standard sources ( local brewing stores, mail order etc.)

Yes and no.

NO. When mashing grains, you need MALTED grain. Malted grain is grain
which has germinated and then kiln dried. Germination makes the grain
starches soluble and generates the enzymes necessary to convert these
starches into fermentable sugar. Unmalted grain does not have enzymes. I
have not seen MALTED grain in groceries.

YES. When mashing, you can use small quantities of unmalted grain, mixed
together with the malted grains. I sometimes use unmalted rice, wheat, or
oatmeal in conjunction with my malted barley. These adjuncts must be
cooked to make their starches soluble. Malted barley has enough enzymes to
convert the barley starches as well as some of the adjunct grains. I've
used grocery store adjuncts with no problems. One of our club members even
made potato beer, using grocery store potatoes in small quantities.

Mike Fertsch

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