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From: Donald P Perley <steinmetz!perley@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: replacement for plastic primaries
Date: 1989-01-17 16:07:20 GMT

Andy Newman writes:

+ 1) I currently use those large (~7 gallon) plastic lidded
+ buckets as primary fermenters. While they are generally
+ adequate, the lids are damnably hard to remove and install
+ without shaking the brew around a lot. It there anything
+ more -- um -- professional that is available that maintains
+ a good seal through, perhaps, a more precise manner?

Many people use glass carboys for primary fermentation with a blow off
tube. If you want to stay with the bucket format there is a company
called "Utensco" (sp?) that makes all manner of stainless steel
implements, including various sized buckets with clamp on sealing lids.
A 7 gallon one with the lid drilled for a fermentation lock should
do nicely, and you could probably use it for boiling as well (if you
get into mashing, it is nice to be able to boil a full 5 gallons).

Their phone number is 516-883-7300. I've never bought anything from them.
They mostly make commercial restaurant stuff, but hopefully they will do
small orders.

-don perley

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