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Subject: Australian Lagers
Date: 1990-01-08 17:55:39 GMT

I would like to brew something that resembles "Foster's" lager because that is
the only brew of substance that my wife likes.

Does anybody have a recipe? How does the Australian Lager in Papazian compare?

On the subject of low-tech lagering ...

I do not have special equipment to keep the beer cold, but mother nature
supplies Minnesota with plenty of cold this time of year. Is it safe to lager a
beer in an attached garage where the temperature can vary between zero and 35
degrees F? The temperature doesn't vary too much between day and night but I
don't have much control over it. Will extremely cold (-10 F) or warm (40 F)
temperatures damage a lager, or will the cold just slow things down?

Thanks for your help. Please reply to me and I'll post to the digest.

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Bob Techentin Internet:
Mayo Foundation, Rochester MN, 55905 USA (507) 284-2702
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