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From: "2645 RUTH, GUY R." <>
Subject: Pumps
Date: 1990-01-08 19:52:00 GMT

Martin Lodahl indicated he was interested in pumps:

I read in the 1988 special issue of Zymurgy about a device called a Sanipump
which connected to a hand drill and cost ~$4. That fit my price range so I
went searching for it at my local builder's supply store. I found the pump for
the price that was quoted in the article. At the same time, I purchased a
drill stand/clamp and a T bracket. The stand cost about $5 and the bracket was
under a dollar.

To assemble the pump, I first cut a 12" piece of 1 X 6. After attaching the
pump and stand to the drill, I was able to position the drill so that the pump
could be mounted close to the end of the 1 X 6. I mounted the stand, attached
the bottom of the T bracket to the bottom screw on the face of the pump and
then measured for a small block of wood that the T bracket would attach to.
The block of wood was then attached to the 1 X 6 base and the pump and bracket
was fastened to the block.

For the inlet/outlet on the pump, I bought two Gilmore, male hose ends and
connected them to two pieces of 1/2 inch clear plastic tubing. I made the
inlet hose shorter than the outlet since this was recommended by the pump's

Before using the drill, I had to remove the excess oil (recommended in the
Zymurgy article) by dipping bot the inlet and outlet hoses into a sink filled
with hot, soapy water. Afterwards, I rinsed the pump with hot, bleach water
followed by a hot water flush (I also do this before each brewing session).

I have found through use that the plastic tubing has a tendancy to collapse
when I use the pump to recycle sparge water after the mash. You might try
substituting food grade water hose (the kind used in RVs) for the plastic

Good pumping,


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