From the HBD Archive
Subject: CO2 Sources
Date: 1990-01-09 18:24:00 GMT

Now that we've explored the makeup of kegging systems, where do I go to get
CO2? Is there such an animal as food grade CO2? What about industrial or
medical grades? Can I go to the weld shop or do I need to find a beverage
service to fill it? I actually haven't bought the stuff to keg myy beer yet,
but I would like to do so in the near future. I am in the process of finding
sources for the equipment using the suppliers refferenced in past issues of
the digest and in Zymurgy adds. The systems I have seen put together by the
mail order places run from $200-300, although some don't say if they come with
guages for both CO2 and keg pressure. Which is more common, ball lock or pin
lock connectors? I know that you should choose one and stick with it. I was
also told by a friend, that you should get a three way adaptor so that you can
pressurize more than 1 keg at a time and get the connections for commercial
kegs while you're at it. Well, enough questions for now.


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