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From: (Brian Smithey)
Subject: High alpha Hops
Date: 1990-01-09 20:06:54 GMT

I recently picked up a few ounces of "experimental" 12% alpha Cascades
for an upcoming Pale Ale at my local brew shop. Being relatively new
to homebrewing, it wasn't until I got home that I realized that the
experiment must have been a high alpha. The recipes I've been looking
at for Pale Ale usually call for 2 to 3 oz. of a 5-6 alpha hop for
boiling, a typical alpha content for Cascade. I was planning on going
with 2.5 oz for boiling and 1 oz for finishing with the Cascade until I
found out that I was dealing with "Super Hop." My questions are:

1. Since the alpha content of this hop is double what I was expecting,
do I just cut back to half what I was planning to use for the boil?

2. What about the finishing hop? Do I still go with 1 oz, or should
I cut back on that as well? I don't recall seeing any recipes
that call for high alpha hops for bouquet, is there any reason
that I wouldn't want to use these for finishing?

I'd also be interested in hearing any pros/cons regarding dry-hopping.
The proprietor of the brew shop told me that Sierra Nevada is using
this hop to dry-hop their Pale Ale, a style that I'd like to imitate.
Any hints on when to add the dry hops, how much, comments on high
alpha hops for dry hopping, should I dry hop instead of or in addition
to my usual aromatic steeping, etc. I couldn't find much about dry
hopping in TCJOHB.



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Brian Smithey / SAIC, Geophysics Division / San Diego CA
uucp: uunet!seismo!esosun!smithey

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