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Subject: Quality of Rapids SS pots (report)
Date: 1990-01-09 18:18:14 GMT

Chris Shenton writes:

> A while ago, John Polstra (jdp@polstra.UUCP) wrote about good prices for
> stainless pots from Rapids (Wholesale Bar & Restaurant Equipment,
> 800-553-7906). I just got their catalog, and it looks like a winner. Most
> interestingly, a 40 Qt for $80 (List $160); matching lid, $21.25.
> They're described as ``Heavy gauge stainless steel.'' Anyone have any
> experience with them? I may break down and order one next week, and if I
> do, will report on it in these pages.

I got the Rapids 40 Qt SS pot for Christmas from my wife, and it's great!
It's made of 20 Ga. SS, and the lid has a nice low spot in the center to
keep condensation in the pot. Make sure you have a long spoon, though.
The pot is 16 inches tall and 14 inches in diameter. I haven't had any
scorching problems with the two batches I've brewed in it, but I always
turn off the heat before adding extracts. The mash I did in it was the
first one that I really had room to stir. My old pot was a 3.5 gallon
Revereware, and I couldn't mash more than about 8.5 lbs of grain. One
last thing that I learned is that the weight of 7 or 8 gallons of water
is not really convenient to lift from the floor to the stove in the pot.
It's much easier and safer to fill the pot on the stove.
My wife said that the people at rapids were very nice to deal with, and
that the order was delivered two days after it was placed.

Steve Conklin uunet!ingr!b11!conk!steve

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