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From: (Mark Stevens) <>
Subject: Lion, Inc.
Date: 1989-12-28 14:17:36 GMT

In Homebrew Digest #333, Dave Suurballe writes:
> ...I drank a lager called Bunker Hill, brewed by the Lion, Inc., of
> Wilkes-Barre. Does anyone know about the beer or the brewery?

There was a very interesting article about the Lion brewery in the
October 1989 issue of "All About Beer" magazine. The article was
written by James Robertson, author of "The Connoisseur's Guide to
Beer." Some of the highlights of the article:
* The brewery was opened as the Luzerne Brewery in 1906, it competed
directly with Stegmaier and three other larger local breweries.
Although Stegmaier was *MUCH* larger than the Lion, it encountered
financial difficulties in the 1960's, was ravaged by a flood in
1972, and subsequently sold to the Lion.
* Lion's strongpoint is that it produces good beers and sells them
at lower prices than major industrial brewers. Some of the beers
sell for as little as $5/case in Pennsylvania.
* Lion has recently started diversifying products a bit, introducing
a malt cooler (like wine cooler) called Calvin Cooler.
* Lion has gone after contract-brewing business. Currently have
contracts to brew Hope Lager, Manhattan Gold, Jersey Lager, Stoudt's,
and Winterfest Ale--all excellent products.
* The Lion is family owned.

Robertson then provided flavor profiles of the Lion's major brands, among
them: Gibbons, Stegmaier, Steg Light, Bartels, Liebotschaner Cream Ale,
Lionshead Pilsner, Esslinger, Crystal, Stegmaier Porter, Trupert Pilsner,
(and some of the contract beers).

If you're interested in regional breweries, this is a very good article,
it is on page 14 of the October 1989 issue of "All About Beer" magazine.

- --Mark Stevens

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