From the HBD Archive
From: rdg@hpfcmi
Subject: more on finings
Date: 1989-01-17 18:14:01 GMT

> 2) My understanding of the use of gelatine as a fining agent
> is that it works in a purely mechanical fashion to remove the
> yeast from the liquid. Just how complete is this removal?
> Essentially, what I'm interested in is if I'm going to have
> any problem bottle conditioning my beer if I add gelatine 24
> hours prior to racking them.

My understanding is that the fining process is more a "chemical" one
than mechanical. In particular, haze and particulates are attracted to
the finings, which have an electrically opposite charge, then the finings
settle out. Also, most sources I have seen recommend adding finings
much firther in advance than 1 day. Byron Burch recommends at least
10 days for settling finings. Also, the finings are usually meant to
remove stuff that causes hazy beer, like proteins, etc. They will not
remove all your yeast, so relax.


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