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From: hpfcla!hplabs!stcvax!rlr (Roger Rose)
Subject: RE: high-alpha cascades
Date: 1990-01-17 13:11:42 GMT (Brian Smithey) writes:

> ...
> 1. Since the alpha content of this hop is double what I was expecting,
> do I just cut back to half what I was planning to use for the boil?


> 2. What about the finishing hop? Do I still go with 1 oz, or should
> I cut back on that as well? I don't recall seeing any recipes
> that call for high alpha hops for bouquet, is there any reason
> that I wouldn't want to use these for finishing?

Mayhap price??.... I know of no standard for rating the aroma and
non-bittering flavors of hops. I usually just take a good whiff and
punt. If Sierra Nevada is using it to dry-hop, it ought to be more
than adequate as a finish.

Virtually any hop can be used for finishing, if it's got the character
you want. The high-alpha hops are generally not used for finishing,
because they're not developed with that in mind. (If you have some
regular cascades, I'd be interested in a subjective comparison.)


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