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Subject: re: kegging problem
Date: 1990-01-17 16:48:23 GMT

The talk recently about kegging encouraged me to ask this question about
a kegging problem I'm having. I recently started kegging after a present
of a Cornelius system for Christmas. The first time I tried it, the keg
wouldn't seal. I tried initial overpressure, drying the seal, wetting the
seal with water or glycerine, but nothing worked. I took the keg back to
the dealer where my wife bought it, and spent about an hour trying various
kegs. Finally we came up with a combination of keg+lid which didn't leak.
Even then, it leaked when the direction of the lid was reversed.

I then went down to the local Pepsi distributor and purchased two more kegs.
Again, I had the problem of leaking. Finally, I ended up bending the heck
out of the bail which holds the lid on. This seems to work in general. That
is when I submerge the kegs, I don't see a leak. Still, the kegs leak down
after a few hours. What could be the problem? For all the praise I've heard
this system get from brewers, it just looks like a pain in the butt to me.
(Unless, of course, it can be made to not leak.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

..Leaking and sobbing in Central Oregon.

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