From the HBD Archive
From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: 1% iodine
Date: 1990-01-18 19:45:09 GMT

In a description of a brewpub's practices, Ed Falk mentioned that
they use iodine for sanitizing and do not rinse it off their equipment
because "it evaporates".

************ DO NOT PLAY WITH IODINE ****************

I believe a solution of plain, metallic iodine (like you would buy
at a drug store) WILL NOT EVAPORATE. Its solvent will evaporate,
but the iodine is left behind, which is the whole point in its
common application. Since iodine is quite toxic, what I am
strongly suggesting is that we all LEAVE IODINE ALONE. Perhaps
the quantity left on equipment surfaces in the setting described
at the G-B brewpub is insignificant. Perhaps it isn't. Perhaps
they are using a volatile iodine compound (idoform?). But
for goodness sake folks, let's not experiment with this.

(Posted at Ed Falk's request)

- --Pete Soper

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