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From: stcvax!rlr@uunet.UU.NET (Roger Rose)
Subject: unknown
Date: 1990-01-17 12:52:03 GMT

Chris Shenton <> writes::
> Subject: Wort chiller for hot days and finite water supply
> This is a follow-up on my previous posting. It attempts to remedy the
> situation where the water from the tap is not cold enough to chill wort
> efficiently, or where you don't want to dump mass quantities of perfectly
> good water down your drain.

With all of this talk on wort chillers, don't forget the utmost in
simplicity. For small (12 qt.) brewpots I just put the sucker
in a sink of cold water and cool it in about 5 minutes.

Yes, this is potentially a little hard on the pot, so I wouldn't
necessarily try it on something expensive. But then again, it's not
like you're cooling boiling oil (or candy) and is it really any worse
than pouring boiling liquid into a cool stockpot?


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